About Us

Vals Elektronik is a young and dynamic company founded by two pioneers of the Turkish electic home appliances industry. Our production facilities are located in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone; in the factory which once was the production facility of Raks, the legendary electric fan and heater producer of Turkey, The production infrastructure, R&D, testing laboratory, automation systems, tooling and accumulated know-how are the key elements of our competitive advantages. The main power of our organization comes from the awareness that producing hight quality products is only possible by the integration of our hight technology with the experienced qualified staff.

The production activities are divided into two main divisions in our total production area of 12.000 square meters, of which 9000 square meters is covered. The first division is the fan, heater and small domestic appliance production area; and the second is the plastic parts production area for various industries. In our facility, the total production capacity is 1.000.000 pieces/year for electric fans & heaters; 600.000 pieces/year for various small domestic appliances 5.000 tons/year for plastic processing with 40 plastic molding machines ranging from 60 ton to 1250 ton clamping force.

We proudly present our products in OEM, ODM and PL for the brands and companies who take high care of safety and quality as well as in our own brand "VALS" in foreign and domestic markets.

The main phisohophy of our company is to serve the global market by manufacturing high quality products; taking utmost care of user health and safety. By warming your souls in the winter and refreshing your body in the summer; please welcome and join the unchanged melody of all the times: VALS.